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What hope can you find in the midst of tragedy

By: The John Ankerberg Show
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Topics cover: Attempting to peek behind the curtain of death. How to overcome the fear of death. What actually happens at the point of transition from life, to death, to Heaven? Your first hour in glory: what will Heaven be like? The descent into gloom: what will Hell be like? Is God in control of how and when you die? Suicide and the Christian. How to have complete assurance you are going to Heaven. 
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Keywords: throne room of God, hope in tragedy, John 5:24

Clip Transcript:

Ankerberg: Did you know that Dr. Erwin Lutzer’s 16-year-old nephew was killed in a tragic car accident? Maybe you find yourself in similar circumstances today. You’re going to a funeral or you’ve just returned. What hope, what encouragement can you find in such a time? Dr. Lutzer explains:
Lutzer: You know, John, as a pastor I have conducted many funerals and when you conduct the funeral of a Christian, it’s a mixed experience, isn’t it? Because on the one hand, you cry and you grieve; on the other hand, you’re delighted because you know that they are with the Lord Jesus Christ. I think of the words of Tony Evans who said, “Have a good time at my funeral because I’m not going to be there!” And I need to remind us that when we weep, we weep for ourselves, not for them, because they are in the presence of Christ.
My brother’s son, 16 years old, was killed in a tragic car accident. Would you believe that he was memorizing verses of Scripture in the back seat of the car? He was on his way to a Scripture Bible Quiz. And he and young woman who was with him also in the backseat memorizing that Scripture, they were killed instantly. They hit some ice and a semi-truck came and smashed the car and that was the end of them. And my brother was weeping so much until my mother said to him, “Remember this, that your son Dallas would not come back even if he could, having seen the glories of heaven.” And that gave my brother some comfort knowing that he was weeping for himself, and that’s fine. We do weep. But we also have the certainty that those who have believed in Jesus are on the other side safely in the arms of Christ.
I like to point out at funerals that when we say that this person is in heaven, we’re not saying that just to make people feel better. Sometimes we are preachers, you know, are expected to say some wonderful things about those who have died. No, my friend; we say it because if they have believed in Jesus Christ, it is true! It is true! Because Christ is the Savior of the world. “He who believes in Me has everlasting life.” [John 6:47] And that means you can go from this life to the next and Christ carries you all the way through to the very throne room of God.

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