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Will marriage solve a woman’s sexual issues

By: The John Ankerberg Show
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How can a man or woman live pure in the real world of temptation? What is God’s standard for Christians? From television programs to the Internet, books to movies, commercials to billboards, men are constantly assaulted and with sensual images. They are impossible to avoid, but possible to rise above. 
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Keywords: Sexual integrity, Intimacy, Mark 12:30

Clip Transcript:

Ankerberg: So just like those habits that you were establishing while you were single, the fact is, you carried them over into your marriage. And just like the guys, when you get married a lot of things don’t change. And you just don’t realize that you are carrying that over and it is going to hurt you.
Ethridge: Right. And if I hadn’t married a man of such integrity who would tell me that these things are wrong, and help me to understand why this is poisoning our marriage rather than sparking intimacy and excitement in our marriage, I probably would still be on that path. So I am just very, very thankful that there are some men out there who are pursuing a lifestyle of sexual integrity. And, as women, I think that we need to humble ourselves and acknowledge we have a lot to learn from these men.
Ankerberg: Steve.
Arterburn: Well, for a young woman to me the sad thing would be is if you only experience the counterfeit of the real thing that God wants for your life. And you know, I was looking into why wax museums succeed in turning people into candles and stuff. And the reason a person will go to a wax museum is that, if you can’t experience the real thing, you will seek out the perfect counterfeit and find some satisfaction in the presence of an exact replica or duplicate. The same thing goes with our lives and intimacy and sexuality. And many times a woman wanting to be connected, wanting to feel loved and sought after and appreciated but nurtured and loved, she will have sex or she’ll succumb to some of the things that society says is part of being a new woman. And she will miss a true connection outside of sexuality. And when you get married, you know, the chemicals die; you eventually come to a reality point where it is just you and this other person without the chemicals and the fireworks going off in the brain. And if you haven’t laid the groundwork for real, authentic connection, you will set yourself up for an absolutely miserable life. So I say to the young woman, you had better be sure you are connecting in areas other than sex if you want to be able to connect deeply and intimately with a man later.
Ankerberg: We have got two minutes left. Shannon, you talk about if we are actually to get a handle on this, you have got to look at the heart, mind, body, soul. You have got to integrate your whole self. How do you do that? Let’s start it off.
Ethridge: Well, John, if you could imagine if someone was chasing you with the intent to do you harm and you decided you were going to take refuge in a four door car, how many doors would you lock? Would you only lock one or two? Or how about three, because three out of four isn’t bad, right? No, of course you would lock all four doors. And so you have to apply the same principle to your sexuality. God didn’t just make you with just a body, “Well, I am guarding my body I am not having sex, so I am acting with integrity.” No, no, no. He made you with a mind, body, heart and soul. “Love the Lord your God with all your mind, body, heart and soul.” And so you have to guard your mind, guard your heart, guard your body, and guard your spirit in order to feel fully protected and so that Satan doesn’t have a point of entry to come into your life and mess you over.

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