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What are girls particularly susceptible to

By: The John Ankerberg Show
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How can a man or woman live pure in the real world of temptation? What is God’s standard for Christians? From television programs to the Internet, books to movies, commercials to billboards, men are constantly assaulted and with sensual images. They are impossible to avoid, but possible to rise above. 
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Keywords: Sexual compromise, Emotional needs

Clip Transcript:

Ankerberg: We are talking about the bestselling book that Shannon has written, “Every Young Women’s Battle.” And in this book you talk about the fact that you as a woman, and the women that are listening, you are susceptible to a lot of the things that the world is offering just because of the way you are made. Talk about some of those things you are susceptible to.
Ethridge: Well, because women naturally crave intimacy which I love to define by breaking it down into syllables “in-to-me-see” – we long for that connection to see into the heart of another person, have them see into our heart and like what they see, and appreciate us and value us for who we are. That makes us very, very vulnerable to things that we may not even recognize as being sexual compromise. You know, women often think, well unless I am sleeping with a guy I am not acting with sexual compromise. I mean, I am doing what I am supposed to do. But yet we are reading romance novels and we are comparing our boyfriends or our husbands to the hero in the story and thinking about all the ways he doesn’t measure up or treat us like that. We are watching soap operas; we are going into internet chat rooms to try to see if somebody can stroke our ego that day, those sorts of things. We don’t recognize what a huge stumbling block that is into the pit of sexual compromise; that those are the little foxes that destroy the vineyard. So women have to, kind of like what Steve was saying earlier, that you have to set boundaries up in front of yourself before you get to that point where, okay now I am involved in this sexual relationship and don’t know how to get myself out. So that you can be aware, step by step. And one of the big wake up calls that I had was that, when I was putting my babies down for a nap every day, I would run straight to the television for one hour of All My Children, and another of One Life to Live, and another of General Hospital. And I was reading the romance novels. I am very thankful that the internet wasn’t out back in those days or else I am sure I would have been looking for love online as well. But having to wake up to the fact that I am a sex-in love addict; that maybe I am recovering from the sexual addiction part, because I was physically being faithful to my husband, but emotionally I was still looking in all these other places. You know, the guys at church would call me up in the middle of the day while my husband’s at work. And I would meet up with my aerobics instructor for lunch, and things that were very inappropriate, but I didn’t recognize it at the time. And understanding that there is such a thing as love addiction was a big eye opener for me. I went through six months of intensive counseling to understand that concept.

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