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How are girls different from guys

By: The John Ankerberg Show
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How can a man or woman live pure in the real world of temptation? What is God’s standard for Christians? From television programs to the Internet, books to movies, commercials to billboards, men are constantly assaulted and with sensual images. They are impossible to avoid, but possible to rise above. 
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Ankerberg: Alright, Shannon, let’s talk about two aspects of what Steve is talking about. First of all, let’s talk about how a girl is put together by God and how that differs from guys. And then I want to talk about what you have got in your book, the private wars that women face in our society today. Let’s talk about, I love the way you talk about how God created and what happened in the Garden of Eden and so on, I think it is fascinating. It was one of the best things I read, if you would share that with us.
Ethridge: Sure. When God created Adam he created him as the progenitor of the human race. So he had to place something special in Adam that would want him to fulfill the commandment to “Be fruitful and multiply,” which basically meant have sex, make babies. And so God placed visual simulation in man. And then when God created Eve and brought her to him, he took one look at her and went WHOA, MAN!!! And that’s how woman got her name wo-man. And his immediate response was, “Whoa, baby; come to papa!” And he just drank her in through his eyes, and that was what sparked it for him. But now the woman, God placed something different in. The woman is responsible for nurturing and caring for the human race, and therefore he gave her the heart of a nurturer. And so she didn’t necessarily want to have sex and wrestle and play football all the time; she wanted to talk and interact and connect and relate and hold hands. That was what floated Eve’s boat. And it is still true today that so often it is the emotional connection that we long for that sends us in the guy’s direction. But what we do is that we compromise and we decide, well, if sex is the price that I have to pay to get the attention and the affection that I want, then that price isn’t too high. And we sell ourselves cheap. And we give a whole lot of sex looking for a little bit of love. And we don’t realize that every sexual encounter that we have, our self worth comes down another notch in our own mind. And soon we don’t feel as if there is really any reason to say no to anybody. It is like we use our body to just bargain for attention and affection.
Ankerberg: You have got a whole section in your book on what our society is like out there, especially for the young girls, okay, high school, college, single gals out there that are listening. Describe our culture as you are seeing it through all your research.
Ethridge: Well, I mean women are being bombarded from every angle. I mean what product in our society doesn’t use sex to try and sell their products? I mean just over and over, it’s car wax, it’s doll strollers, it’s like everything uses some form of sexualizing women to sell their products. And so women begin to believe that, as a female I must be a sexual object; that we start looking at ourselves the same way the culture portrays us. And so whether it’s magazines or movies or music or the internet and just from all angles. There are very few voices in our culture teaching us how to behave and to see ourselves as women of character and honor and dignity and integrity and how to hold our standards high and how to expect people to treat us. And what we fail to understand is that we teach people how to treat us. And when we lower our own standards we are basically inviting people to just use us as doormats. And so often that turns into a sexual doormat of, it’s just, hey I’m here, I can be used for your sexual pleasure. And we wind up in that pit and we wonder how did we ever get there? And an even better question is how do I get myself out? But it is possible to get yourself out of that pit.

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