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Do girls react differently than guys to sexual stimuli

By: The John Ankerberg Show
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How can a man or woman live pure in the real world of temptation? What is God’s standard for Christians? From television programs to the Internet, books to movies, commercials to billboards, men are constantly assaulted and with sensual images. They are impossible to avoid, but possible to rise above. 
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Ethridge: Well, I think at first for women a lot of times they will say, “I just want to look at what my husband was looking at or what my boy friend is so fascinated about.” And they will start looking at it themselves. But they don’t understand that we can be as chemically addicted to that as men, that whatever it is that is released in the brain as men are. And Fred shared the statistic earlier in the day that 87% of college women are looking at internet pornography. So I think that with every generation I think that number just continues to creep up and up. Sure it was an unpopular thing for a woman to do back when pornography first came out, but now it is pretty much the same. And I don’t think that it is an irony at all that also the statistics of women who are acting out sexually is now meeting up with that of the man. So we can’t say, “Well, this is a man’s issue, women don’t have that problem.” No, the statistics show that anywhere between 40 and 65%, according to which study you read, of women are having extramarital affairs at some point in their married life. And so we are reaping what we sowed. We can’t get under the impression that we can do this as a single woman or as a young woman and not still be so overwhelmingly tempted to do that as a married woman. As I discovered, putting this wedding band on my finger didn’t change anything except my last name. It never changed how I interacted with men and how I saw myself and those temptations that I continued to have.

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