It possible that, if someone in hell changes their mind, God would release them from hell | John Ankerberg Show

It possible that, if someone in hell changes their mind, God would release them from hell

By: The John Ankerberg Show
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If God exists, why is there evil in the world? What is evil? Where did evil come from? Why doesn’t God intervene and stop all evil? How can physical evils such as earthquakes, tornadoes and cancer be explained? Is there a good reason for the existence of hell on which even some atheists would agree? What about those who have never heard the Gospel? 
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Keywords: Hell, Free choice,free will, Eternal punishment, Luke 16:1-31

Clip Transcript:

Ankerberg: Is it possible that if a guy was in hell and he changed his mind that God would say, “Okay, you’re out of there!”
Geisler: It’s not possible, because if you don’t change your mind when you have light and salt and the Holy Spirit persuading and working on you here, how much less when you don’t have all those influences there? No one who gets to hell is going to change their mind. We have a picture of it in Luke 16 in the Bible. The rich man is in hell, and notice, he never said, “I don’t deserve to be here. Get me out of this place.” He admitted that he was deserving of it and he was getting the punishment. What he was concerned about is that other people who still had a chance wouldn’t go there. So he wanted them to go and talk to his brothers so that they didn’t make the choice. So, if the people in hell could preach a sermon today, it wouldn’t be: “Get me out of this place! I don’t deserve to be here.” It would be, “Don’t come to this place! I do deserve to be here and you’ve got a chance not to be here.”
Ankerberg: Yeah. Jean Paul Sartre and Nietzsche both agree with Jesus on that point: you choose and you don’t want anybody forcing you to make your mind up in a different way. You want to live with that choice, you’re going to be able to do what God says. But wrap this thing up. What does it tell us about God, and what should a person do who’s listening right now who says, “I don’t want to go to hell. I do want to choose for God. What do I have to do?”
Geisler: It tells us God is holy and will not tolerate sin forever. Period. It tells us God is loving and doesn’t want anyone to suffer the consequences for it. He sent His own Son to die for our sins. And it tells us that salvation is a free gift; you can’t earn it because there’s nothing you can do to merit it. You merit hell. But if you will reach out by faith and say, “Yes. I’m a sinner. Thank you, God, for sending your Son to die for me. And I receive Jesus Christ as the payment of my sin,” you can avoid hell.

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